15 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 25 Dec 90

25 Dec 90

Merry Christmas. Every day is a holiday in the Corps, so of course we got to work today. Opened presents the night before at 0001 Zulu, got some nice gifts from family. Got a balloon animal kit, maybe I can start a new career.

Told the guys to only work off the downing discrepancies and then to write letters and relax. They worked a shorter, 6 hour shift. Wish we didn't have to work, but 1) what else was there to do and 2) never know what the Iraquis would come up with .

Christmas meal was good, though not as good as Turkey Day. Got stuffed and went back to tent early.

Merry Christmas from Sgt Lee, Frosty and Clark.

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