15 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 24 Dec 90

24 Dec 90

Training day, I didn't fly but some folks tested. Got to go make an anniversary phone call, it was nice of the squadron to set it up. We got a new Flight Equipment Marine, I asked if he wanted to go along and call his family so they would know he arrived safely. He said he would write.

Got to meet "Major Dad" gerald McRaney and Delta Burke a few days ago, and he autographed some pictures. The looked tired and were swamped with fans. I mentioned the Squadron Wive's visit to the set and he remembered it, and told Delta about it. What a nice guy.

Red and Green M&Ms to celebrate Christmas, then me and Gadget drove the little Toyota over to the camp to make a cal. Stood in line for almost 2 hours, but finally got the call out. Then back to Chez Tent to watch for the Fat Man. Hope the Patriots don't shoot him down.

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