15 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 23 Dec 90

23 Dec 90

Today was a good day. Slept in til 0930, got up and had a lovely breakfast. Came in to work, wrote a letter, mailed it.

There was a Russian AN-124 here last night that brought some Brit gear in, I guess the Brits leased it for a few weeks. I I had thought 4 months ago that I'd be in the Middle East watching Brits unload a Russian cargo plane, I'd have been declared crazy.

Slow day, a little R&R, got a burger at the Christmas Party. Presents were passed out. Families made custom boxer shorts for everyone, which was a big hit. "Santa Spot" handed them out, he was in a good mood.

We also got to fill sandbags today, to beef up the areas around our tents. I don't know who decides how many sandbags will be enough to protect from a missile attack. I'll be on the floor, so a berm about a foot high should be enough. Anyway, enlisted Marines were real happy about their early Christmas sandbag party. Someone's been watching too many war movies.

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