15 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 21 Dec 90

21 Dec 90

Turned in laundry, cruised in to work. Spent some time organizing, trying to get my OIC stuff together. Talked to Nemo for a bit. Transferred some info to my new green "brain book". My other one had lasted a year and was pretty beat up. I'm going to try and write more things down, so at least I'll have alist of what I've been blowing off. The problem is, where do I write down the memo that reminds me to look at my memo book, or where I left it?

Bugged some folks about flight suits, mike lites, sewing machines and other BS. Pizza for dinner, and a burger for the movie. Watched 15 minutes of "Honey I shrunk the kids". Picked up laundry, it was clean and all accounted for! Read some of Steel Tiger.

Noticed that M&Ms sent through the mail end up tasting like perfume because of all the stuff sprayed on everyone's letters.

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