15 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 19 Dec 90

19 Dec 90
Aiieeee! I need $79,999,564.99? Some terrorists have abducted Frostee the inflatable snowman! It's so terrible! Next they'll send me a picture of them torturing him with a sunlamp and letting air out little by little. Well, soon they'll learn that crime does pay.

Nothing interesting today, worked on a turnove folder and went to supply to pick up some gear. We got more GPS receivers, and better yet, some external antennas and mounting kits. These kits will allow us to put the things permanently in the aircraft, and the external antennas will give us much better reception. Right now we can only get the satellites that are in front of the aircraft because the receiver sits on the glareshield. With an antenna on top of the bird, it will see everything that's more than a few degrees above the horizon. I like the GPS, hopefully now everyone will get interested in it.

Our current NAV system, the LORAN, uses ground based transmitters. The Iraquis would never try to blow those up, would they? if they did, we'd be back to the map. They can't mess with the GPS. Hmmm?

As Doonesbury says, we don't have a morale problem here, we have an "attitude" problem.

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