15 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 15 Dec 90

15 Dec 90

159204, 5T2, 2.5, 260, PeeWee

Flew early with PeeWee, briefed at 0445. We took a LASER team down to a range so the Cobras could shoot some LASER guided missiles.

Starting to think we'll be here for a while, maybe they'll start rotating people and I'll go back to 303 to be an instructor. I can dream right? I also dream that the East Coast/5th MEB Marines are really our replacements, and as soon as they get set up and nothing is going on, they'll send us home. Other countries too. I don't think the US will carry this burden all by themselves for an extended period. We're obviously here first because we have the airlift and sealift capability. I don't want to sit here for over a year while the rest of the world sits on its fat ass.
All in all, though, I am really glad that I am not writing this from a foxhole. Things could be much, much worse.

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