15 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 14 Dec 90

14 Dec 90
It appears Sgt Lee was not selected by the board. Maybe they'll have another one soon and he'll get another shot. He is definitely deserving.

There are WMs here now, so we really are the "tip of the spear".

Listening to reporters and politicians on the radio only has me pissed off. "We are moving dangerously closer to conflict in the Gulf...blah blah blah...give the sanctions time...blah blah blah." What, they didn't think tensions were high and it was dangerous the first two weeks we were here? The President is the guy I have to have the most faith in, at least he's consistent about doing "whatever is necessary" to deter aggression. It's hard to stay sharp and realize that "whatever is necessary" means hurry up and wait. But that is the Marine motto isn't it? Bush couls have pushed one of several buttons in August, so I give him credit for pushing the "hurry up and wait" button vs the nuke or frontal assault button. Let the build up continue.

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