15 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 12 Dec 90

12 Dec 90
Chased Sgt Lee's endorsement around all day and finally got the smooth copy done at 2000. It highlights his military leadership skills and technical expertise. He is filling the top SNCO billet in this field, outside of his primary MOS, and doing a great job. He's filled several SNCO billets, as far back as 1985. He deserves the recognition and promotion.

The WIng gets 4 quotas to SSgt, plus one extra (alternate). The General will probably promote 16 and have one extra "hip pocket" promotion for a deserving Marine. It makes sense. A Wing CG can promote guys to Cpl and Sgt, which is how I got promoted, so why can't a MEF CG promote guys to SSgt and GySgt? I am really impressed with this move on the Marine Corps' part. I hope they do it regularly.

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