15 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 09 Dec 90

09 Dec 90

Where has the year gone? Just yesterday I was gone to Yuma for 5 weeks for Eagle Claw...and 29 Palms for 5 weeks for a CAX...and Whidbey island for 2 weeks...and Saudi for 4 months...hmmm, noticing a trend here. But got some great air-to-air training, TERF Instructor qual and desert training. Might come in handy.

I like watching all of the big planes that go in and out of the airfield. Right now there are 4 C-130s, 2 C-141s and 1 C-5 unloading gear. Plus add in abot 90 helicopters. I esp like the sound of the C-5 at night, when the big turbofans spool up.

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