15 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 05 Dec 90

05 Dec 90

160179, 5T2, 2.5, 260, PeeWee

Today PeeWee and I flew MGen Hopkins around for about an hour. He was grumpy. MGen Hopkins that is.

When we got back, time to bump up the warfighting stance and contribute to the Combined Federal Campaign. I gave some money to MDA and Canine Companions.

Hey, Texas is number 3 in the Nation. Let's hope they "Hook" Miami. How about those Cowboys? That would be a miracle.

Mail call, got M&Ms and a Miller Genuine Draft. Poured it out...or maybe I gave it to Injun, yea, that sounds right. Also got some fudge, a letter, deodorant and foot powder from my father. My sister sent Stanley Jordan and ZZ Top tapes.

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