15 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 04 Dec 90

04 Dec 90

160624, 5T2, 1.0, 260, Injun

Slept late and rolled into the Ready Room for an 1100 brief. We were scheduled to go out to the hospital ship USS Comfort for Deck Landing Qualifications. Two Hueys, I was the copilot on Dash-2. Injun was the signer, and Egg Fu went along also to get a few bounces. We had to pick up a few patients at the Marine Hospital to transfer out to the ship, so we went to their LZ first. 2 guys were ambulatory, one guy was on a litter. We also took Space out so they could x-ray his finger.
We got to the ship late because there was a delay in the LZ. I flew the first landing aboard, then jumped out with Diamond. We were on a mission to find the ship's store and associated gedunk. Oh, and to look for nurses! Didn't see many nurses, they must have been warned away. The store was out of souvenirs, except for stickers, but they did have peanut M&Ms.
We found a tour guide and went to get a Coke. The ship is a converted oil tanker? The passageways and ladderwells were very wide, clean and well lit, unlike most Navy ships I've been on. There were no kneeknockers that you had to step through, which makes sense as they would be rolling hospital beds around. Everyone was in a good mood and finally found the nurses, who were all winking at me, esp the cute ones. Diamond bought a couple of hats from the crew and it was time to go up to the flight deck to get some more bounces.
As we were getting ready to hotseat, a Navy helo showed up, with the crew claiming to have a mechanical problem where they needed to shut down. All of these ships in the Gulf and the Comfort was where they needed to land and clog the deck? Right! So we gassed up, I hopped in the front, we grabbed Doc and called it a day. I flew all the way back. It was fun to be back on a ship again. I took a few pictures, but the film didn't fully rewind, so some of the roll will be ruined. I'm sure they would have been Pulitzer Prize winners.
Baghdad Betty reports that while we are gone, our wives are dating actors, like Tom Selleck, Tom Cruise and Bart Simpson?! What a hoot! That had us rolling on the floor.

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