15 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 03 Dec 90

03 Dec 90
It's been boring here lately, but I guess I like it that way. The alternative probably isn't too nice.

Today was a training day. Most of the classes were stupid, but at least they managed to keep us tied up all day too. We had to hurry through lunch, which consisted of a Cup O Noodles. Good news, no shots.

Sgt Lee got his Navy Achievement Medal today. He really deserved it. It is nice to see someone be recognized and decorated because of their hard work. 3 other Flight Equipment Marines have Commanding General Cert Comms in work, and my last guy will get a NAM eventually for his work with the AR-5 gas masks. And Cpl Chames got a Meritorious Mast for being on guard duty when he first got here, part of the airfield security force. Cpl Samuels ("Bull") is getting a Letter of Appreciation form the Camp Guard he was on for 3 months. There's something about this group, they are really motivating 100 percent of the time. Cpl Chames also got qualified as a Collateral Duty Inspector (CDI), which has him excited because he gets to inspect and sign off work now.
It's hard to be motivated to do trivial things when some lunatic can drive up with a truck bomb at any moment, but also too stressful to spend every moment being paranoid. Problem is, in garrison, everyday someone comes up with more idiotic BS as time fillers. Idle minds, I suppose. I don't see how you can be focused on a warfighting stance while doing MCIs, putting guys on weight control, etc...It's time to focus one or the other.
This may turn out to be the new Korea, Okinawa, Germany or Philippines, where we maintain a full time presence and enforcing sanctions. I do feel better that additional forces are being sent over. We should be letting the sanctions work while keeping enough forces here to deter the Iraqui threat. To me, that makes sense. At least Saudi and Kuwait are contributing financially, vs the countries that have taken US money over the years. Too bad there will always be a world market for Middle East oil, I would hope that someday there will be alternatives. Right now too much money and power is controlled by folks who are bent on evil deeds, and are more than willing to use evil means to maintain that control. Meanwhile, 4-6 months to see if sanctions work. A drop in the bucket of time. It took 4-5 years to get Europe back from Hitler, and 40 to get the rest of the Warsaw Pact. And that was right in the middle of everyone's back yard. Maybe Russia will turn up some heat, although their agreement on sanctions is certainly enough at this moment. It would be nice if the citizens of Iraq realized the need for change and took matters into their own control.
One guy wrote us "Don't do nothing dumb". Excellent advice. He also sent a recipe for homemade hooch, which no one has dared to make yet. Maybe later.

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