17 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 02 Jan 91

02 Jan 91

Tip of the Spear update: There's now a few thousand ground troops in front of us, the jets can be in and out of Baghdad airspace before we reach the border, there must be something...367 is parked further North than us, everyone got desert cammies before us, and cots before us. Maybe we're the noisiest? But we must remain focused on the mission, just don't know if it's completing MCIs or waging war. Micromanagemnet and the zero-defect mentality reign supreme today, plus boring training classes. Thank goodness someone had the briefing room reserved at 1630, or else we'd still be there.

We're starting a pool to see when Spot is going to keel over, we don't think he sleeps at all or leaves the squadron. He probably wonders how he got stuck here with us?

Highlight of the day was turning in sleeping bag and poncho liner to the laundry. After 4 months it was taking on a life of its own. So it's clean and ready for another 4 months now. Now if the other guys would get theirs cleaned.

Becky and Randy sent me a box, and on the side it said pork sausage. Someone had blacked out pork, which was funny because it was wrapped in Christmas paper. They sent some chips, salsa and an electronic game called Paper Boy. It's great. You get points for breaking non-subscriber's windows, hitting dogs and trash cans with the paper, etc...The paper boy gets creamed by skateboarders, cars and light poles. Just like the real thing.

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