17 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 01 Jan 91

01 Jan 91

160624, 5T2, 2.5, 260, Perry

New Year 91. Let's hope this one turns out better than last, at least from August on. Flew today, carrying some East Coast and Reserve guys. I was in Dash 2, with our FNG. Diamond was Lead, with the Group CO getting some flight time. We flew north to look at some prospective sites. Still lots of talking/planning and little action. They are getting some areas ready to move too, glad I don't have to do the embark plan. Don't know if we'll move or the new forces coming in will go there. We'll be going North eventually, even if it's "grab an MRE and get going". Going to live in the Kuwait City Hilton sounds good.

While we were waiting at one strip we met the Saudi crew and Scottish Flight Nurse of tan aeromedical service. The plane was a nice Gulfstream. There were some Saudi helos here too. The crew was real nice, they let us get up in the cockpit. They fly VIP when they're not doing medevac. And the nurse was real cute!

Got back to base around 1500 and went to chow. Good steaks tonight, with pork and beans minus the pork. Plus pasta salad and a Pepsi.

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