11 July 2006

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 28 Nov 90

28 NOV 90
Sunrise was awesome, hazy with lots of clouds. Actually sprinkled last night. Had a laid back morning at the squadron, did some work, read part of a book. Cup O noodles for lunch and a Dr Peper. Drew up an open purchase request for tan flight suits, then went out to the Aviation Supply ship at Jubail to turn in NVGs for maintenance.
The ship was neat. It was an old ship that the USMC paid for, and converted to carry container full of supply gear. Also a floating repair ship. They can cram everything on board or unload and work at the docks, or leave some gear at the dock and do repairs underway. The section that repairs NVGs is in the Avionis section. I wanted to see how they do the repairs and ask some questions. The Marines working there were great. We also found out that our shop will receive a NVG test set so we can test NVGs before each mission. Normally, we put them on and if we can see, we fly. The best thing that the test set checks for is for alignment. If a tube is out of alignment, the eyes try to compensate and this creates blind spots.
About a week ago I had seen an article in Rotor and Wing on the Coast Guard's NVGs; they used a piece of equipment called an "assessor" before each mission to check gogles before each hop. I wondered if we could get something like that. Turns out we could.
Talked about some other Flight Equipment stuff, then had chow on the mess deck. it was good. As we left, we ogled the nurses going onto the hospital ship Mercy. Interesting how they got to wear civvies and not carry gas masks, only 7 miles away from our camp, where we still carry gas masks to the shower and wear uniforms to the outdoor movie.

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