11 July 2006

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 24 Nov 90

24 NOV 90
Monday now. Slept in Saturday because I was flying late. Came in to squadron around 1000 and planned a NVG nav route with Pickle. We basically were going to go out and build time, which was good, because we can all use the training and experience. We need to work on basic nav and airwork, then move along to the more complicated missions.
Filed the route with the SDO then blasted off into the wild dark yonder. Not much moon tonight, but enough to see. We got about 30 minutes into the hop when I felt a strange vibration in the aircraft. It was a weird flutter throughout the flight controls , and I also thought I heard something too. I guessed that some of the abrasion tape on the tail rotor had loose and decided to land. We landed, shut down and checked it out. Sure enough, that's what it was. Some of the tape had come off and was causing the vibration. We pulled of the remaining tape, turned up, aircraft felt better, so we flew back to base. Tail rotor will have to be retaped and rebalanced now.

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