22 November 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 22 Nov 90

22 NOV 90

Celebrated Thanksgiving by coming in to work late. Flew late last night, so I took a meritorious morning off. Got to the terminal at 1030. Wrote some letters, basically sat around all day waiting for noon chow. It certainly was worth the wait. We had turkey breast and ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, corn and all kinds of salads, nuts, carrots, pickles, fruit etc... plus Pepsi and OJ. The meat was great. The mess tent was decorated with centerpieces, tablecloths and napkins so it felt like Thanksgiving, without the beer and football. For desert there was pumpkin pie with whipped cream or pecan, cherry apple and ice cream, candy bars and pudding. This one meal almost made up for all the crap we've been eating since we got here. They worked very hard to get all of this together and it did lift some spirits.
After chow, back to the terminal to read some mail. Got some cookies from Aunt Mary, passed them out and they went fast. Went back to tent at 1730 and looked through some aviation catalogs.
Some of our tent mates got to go eat dinner with President and Mrs Bush, along with about 1500 other Marines. They were several miles away from us, so we didn't see them. Maybe when they come back next year? Road Kill got to go with a few other guys and they gave the standard "nothing special..." report. Wow, I guess they won't mind if I go next time. Too bad they didn't bring Millie and Ranger. Did see some of the HMX helos, they look funny over here, all shiny green. They'll be dumping sand out of them for years to come.

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