22 November 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 18 Nov 90

18 NOV 90

Scheduled to test, but Peewee flew Mooch to finish his FCP syllabus He's finished now, so we'll have 5 FCPs for 6 Hueys. Maybe Jughead will be next. Actually, Spot is an FCP too. Let's see, Peewee is the only one who won't be due for orders when we get back. May have to grab one of the new guys. There's no doubt in my mind that I have my Overseas Control Date now, of course, so do a lot of other people. Right now we have 5 Hueys up, pretty good considering parts availability. The maintenance guys are doing an incredible job, especially when you consider how much extra work they have to do when they swap parts around. Injun tested a bird the other day that had over 50 maintenance actions that required either a ground turn or functional check flight. It's not ideal to move so many parts around, but we can't afford to let one bird sit as a parts bin. We do our best to make sure an aircraft doesn't sit over 30 days. I just flew one that sat for 55 days, and it's the best bird we have, so go figure. And these are Hueys. Imagine the Cobra nightmare. The guys are working their butts off, Walt probably has the toughest job here.
Got some Christmas decorations in the mail, so I could decorate my tent. Red and gold garland around my desk, icicles and a stocking. Looks pretty festive. It cheers the place up a bit and marks the passage of time. Figure we'll have to be rotated in about a year or guys will just start wandering off into the desert. Got an inflatable Frosty the Snowman too. We'll find a place for him in the terminal.

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