06 November 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 12 Nov 90

12 NOV 90

Had briefings all day, a threat update, brief on 367 crash, a combat stress brief and a safety discussion group. The 367 brief didn't;t tell us anything we didn't already know, the driveshaft failed at low altitude and Bob's quick reaction saved everyone. Intel brief was informative and reviewed key weapons systems. Combat stress brief gave us some ideas on how to deal with the normal stuff now before the heavy stuff arrives. Best news of the day, the showers will now be open from 1300-1400 for us regular PTers!
Tried out my new attitude this afternoon, nobody noticed. Maybe I'll try the village idiot role, "golly, I'd like to help, but I'm too stupid!" Nemo led the safety group, he's still settling in after being a liaison to 7th MEB. Some suggestions were simple things like setting a lights out time in the tents of 2200, other addressed a comprehensive training management system. Nemo is really trying to get some credibility built in to the safety program, blended together with our real time mission. He's been fun to talk to, and has to be closer to Spot's office than me. Whew!

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