06 November 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 11 Nov 90

11 NOV 90

Another day off! Got some chow, came back to tent and decided to PT. Light workout for about an hour. I don't know why I started, if the war breaks out, we won't have time to work out. I'd hate to get going on a good PT program, only to have a war screw it up!
PT for an hour, nap for an hour and a half. Always wanted to do that since Boot Camp. In Boot Camp we were running and singing for the first time, "What are we gonna do when we get back, Take a shower and hit the rack..." I had no idea as a new guy, I remember thinking that maybe we got some kind of rest period after a long run. Boy was I wrong!
Wrote some letters. More chow, it was decent today, rice with chicken stew, and a Pepsi. I think they finally found the salt. Started to get a headache, probably dehydrated. Drank some water, cleaned my end of the hooch, went and took a shower. Hit the rack!

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