06 November 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 09 Nov 90

09 NOV 90

Great day. I was scheduled to fly a late, late hop, brief at 2200, takeoff 0030, land 0230. So I got to sleep in this morning. Slept til about 1130, read some magazines, got some chow and made it in for the 1430 AOM. Basically they said "keep your head on a swivel out there, you never know what's goin to happen." Next, I went to get the ODO's brief at 1500 and they say "you're cancelled". Oh darn, after I slept all morning. We were supposed to fly around a RPV receiving station so a guy in the back could look at video or FLIR image that the RPV was shooting. I like the idea of having the RPV out front looking around, vs Super Huey. We can't be too far away, though, but we still get to see the forward battle area. The console operator can then relay target info, etc on to the best asset to shoot it/avoid it/whichever. The FLIR is great because it pick up heat, making targets easier to find at night. Anyway, the RPV guys dropped out at the last minute so our part was scrubbed. Talked to Boingo for a bit, waited for tomorrow's schedule to come out. Looks like I'll be flying some Generals around to cake-cutting ceremonies. Much better than standing in formation at our airfield.
Before chow a group of people came by from the White House Staff came through, a liaison visit in case ol George comes to visit at Thanksgiving. The had everyone from speechwriters, communications, press, Secret Service, HMX up to and including the most important person, the food coordinator. Neato. We talked to some guy from the speechwriter's office for 15-20 minutes. He offered to mail letters for us when he gets back to DC. He asked a lot of questions, to which most of our answers were positive. I asked him to tell GB to bring Millie and Ranger. He said Mrs Bush is coming over too?! Wonder who will feed the puppies? Wonder if I could get that job? Executive scooper...

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