06 November 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 07 Nov 90

07 NOV 90

Rapidly approaching 3 months, so does that mean we're 1/2 done or 1/4 done or what? I'm disappointed that our "expeditionary forces" aren't being replaced quicker with heavier sustaining forces. It feels like the border is still wide open. We should put down a minefield along the border, park a few nuke subs off the coast and go home. Let the Arab world figure it out.
Are the sanctions working. Can't believe the rest of the world won't shut SH down. Or will it take longer for sanctions to work? This routine is getting old, but it has been fun watching all the supposed deadlines and operation commencement dates go by. Never did the big "Night Camel" exercise, now we're suppose to have a standdown to fix all the birds, for a no moon strike mid-month. Seems I've heard that before. I know the sanctions need at least 4-6 months to be effective, and that maybe the Arabs can work something out. It's hard dealing with the peacetime/wartime footing. Hard to stay focused when you've stared at something for 3 months. 5 days off in 3 months though, not too bad. Wouldn't have had much more time off in Oki.

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