06 November 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 06 Nov 90

6 NOV 90

160438, 2K2, 1.8, FCF, Jughead

Spent another day tracking and balancing 213's rotor system. Finally fixed it. Took several shots in the dark, we took off the rocket pod/machine gun mounts, put a seatbelt on the TACAN transceiver and voila, all of our readings changed. From there, 2 more adjustments and the aircraft flies great now. Talk about unusual. The mounts were loose and the TACAN mount had some bad vibration viscous dampenener mounts, so they were adding an unacceptable vertical beat to the bird. We'll shim the DAS mounts and get a new TACAN mount to get the bird flying now.
Evening chow, walked back to tent, mentally and physically exhausted. Read a book for a bit. Talked to Injun about his girls, he really misses them.

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