04 November 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 04 Nov 90

04 NOV 90

Got up at 0730, on my "day off", to go get a hepatitis shot. My butt is still sore. Ate breakfast, went back to tent, took a nap and watched Texas-OU video. Wrote some letters. Finally went in to work to plan, brief and preflight to be a standby crew from 1800-0600. We have a Huey and 2 Cobras on standby in case something comes up somewhere. Given approval to launch by a "competent authority", we would go out and recon the situation. So, in other words, we'll never launch...
Chow was disgusting again. I swear I wouldn't feed half of this stuff to the dogs. Back to tent, read Leatherneck, then 100 pages in a new book called Stinger. Showered, called it an evening.

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