04 November 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 01 Nov 90

01 NOV 90

Reveille. Shaved, maintenance meeting, went to breakfast then hung around shop all day just to see how things are going. The Tiger team from North Island came by, they're a group of Parachute Riggers and Flight Physiologists that travel around to introduce new flight equipment to the Fleet, ensure standardization, troubleshoot problems and see how the FE business is going. Their answer for most of our questions was "we're working on it..." The said new helo helmets are #1 priority at NavAir Development Center. Maybe we'll see something in the next year. All we can do is keep in contact with them about it.
Checked on desert flight suits again, because Irish heard from someone else who knew someone who saw what they thought was a khaki flight suit. One small group from an East coast Hornet squadron bought about 20 just before they left, and now we're wondering if the MAG will float us $9,000 dollars to go out an open purchase our own. Like the rest of the Army/Navy/Air Force and Marine Corps don't want any? We might have been able to get some in Sep, but now that everyone else is here or on the way, It's purt near impossible. But, did hear that the contractor is gearing up to produce 300,000 for all services. Maybe we'll see those in about 6 weeks. We'll put in our request and let the supply system figure out how to fill it.
Had a camel and cheese hoagie for lunch, or was that supposed to be steak? I'm sure I did something this afternoon, I just can't remember what that was. Hey I guess we've been here long enough for this to be Combined Arms Exercise (CAX) 8, 9, 10 and 11-90 now. No word on rotation plan yet, Ha! 6-12 months is my guess. Scuttlebutt says plan will be out within the week, after Commandant's visit. Once again, I say Ha!
Watched clock for about a while, talked to an Army pilot for an hour about FE. The guys did some repairs on some flight gear for him and swapped out a few flight suits. He gave us some tips on how to order the land survival vests, knives, waterproof matches etc. The vests not only look cooler but ARE cooler, made of mesh. He was from Temple, worked in Garland Police Dept, went to SWTSU. They don't have shit where they are at, just sand and MREs. They do have tents, but they are very isolated. So I don't feel so bad for myself now. They've only been here 3 weeks, if that matters. We're going to try and get them into our supply system, if possible and they'll get us into theirs for things that we each can't get. They have better access to the NVG lip lights than we do, plus another NVG finger light that can be velcroed on to a flight glove. These things are pretty handy, considering the cockpits are not NVG compatible. Another thing on our wish list. We gave him some Pepsis to take back, he was impressed, probably thinking how great we had it. Yep, we used to be like that too. Now we're the old men of the desert and have a steady supply.

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