25 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Storm 26 Oct 90

26 OCT 90

160176, 5T2, 3.4, 260, Jughead
Got up at 0555, got ready for the brief. I was section leader on a hop to pick up a Regimental CO and take him up to northern Saudi positions. These turn out to be about 20 miles from the border. I'm sure there has to be someone further north, doesn't there? Anyway, I was happy that I got to sign for the bird AND lead the section. After we briefed, we were told that there were only 4 pax, so you only need 1 Huey. Dash 2 was told to stay at JNA. I reminded Ops that the frag listed 8 pax in one zone and 4 in another. Ops said they had confirmed only 4 pax. SO guess how many were standing next to the LZ when we showed up, single ship? We landed, I explained to the Colonel and contacted controlling agency to launch Dash-2. We took the first 4 up north, Dash-2 caught up with us eventually with the other 4. We then completed the rest of the frag, 3.4 hours of flying. I'm sure the Iraquis saw us flying around and are shivering in their boots, in awe of the mighty Devil Dog Super Huey.
Missed breakfast, missed lunch, had 1 canteen of water and some M&Ms. By 1630 I had a headache so bad I couldn't even walk to the chow hall. Drank a lot of water and laid down on the FE floor for an hour. Finally got up, wandered to the chow tent, had 2 bites of brown rice, 1 bite of spicy chili, a cup of salt flavored with chicken broth, slice of bread with peanut butter and orange soda. Stumbled back to work, laid down for another 45 minutes. Finally made it back to Chez Tent, got a shower. Bitched about field grade and felt better.
Routine is becoming routine. Supposed to have another Safety Standdown soon, using new ideas to stress safety. They're asking for input. If they could guarantee that ideas would actually leave the squadron they might get some. Otherwise, most people will say that everything is fine. I'll work on my dream sheet in the morning while trying to stay out of my Marine's way. They need someone to show them how to manage their time a little better. I'll certainly be of no help doing that.

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