17 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Storm 17 Oct 90

Here's a picture of our flight surgeon, Doc Aubuchon, waiting to embark C-5 in El Toro. We'll blend in nicely with all the woodland camouflage.

17 OCT 90

Made the mistake of eating breakfast with our 2 flight docs, Aubuchon and Leong, aka "Pair-o-Docs." We walked up to their table and said, "Can we sit here, you guys don't talk about amoebas and bacteria at breakfast do you?' Doc Leong said "No, only Dysentery." So I asked "How about violent diarrhea?" Leong responds"Actually, the proper term is projectile diarrhea...Boy, you should have seen the place, it was a mess. We'd just waxed the floors and that poor guy just went shootin across the room. Looked like Halley's comet. Not a pretty sight." Guess we won't sit with them again, at least not at the chow tent.

Unidentified sources report that two Marine choppers were seen carrying military personnel to airfields in Saudi today. Unfortunately, the whirlybird pilots were overcome by excessive ultraviolet exposure and disabling flatulence. In other words, they were sunburned and had gas. The glamorous life of a Naval Aviator. These pilots have been restricted to Saudy Acres, a retirement home for wannabe airline pilots. Please write.
Flew some Group guys around today with Peewee. Showed them the airfield, Marines in the field, Port of Jubail, all of the usual spots, including the golf course. Worked on projects and goofed around this afternoon. Wrote letters to family.

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