14 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 31 Aug 90

31 AUG 90

AH-1W, 160820, 2K2, .3, FCF, Larson

160171, 5T2, Armed Reconnaissance, 1.8, 1.8 nvg, 361 Peewee

Flew a test hop with Tommy in a Cobra. Hey, theses guys have ac?! Then Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) with Peewee. Been flying too many frags to do any training so far. It was not bad at all, we took it slow and worked our way down on altitude one step at a time. Did one landing, picked a nice sandy salt bed. Not dusty at all. Played with the laser pointers, they are cool! They are invisible to the naked eye, but show up as a bright beam on the goggles. They are completely eye safe beyond 8 feet, or as long as you poke it in your eye for 10 seconds. Some of my training as Laser Systems Safety Officer finally comes into play, whoopee. We’ll use them to mark targets, guide aircraft, point out obstacles, etc...plus they’ll reduce radio chatter. The LPL-30s will be hand held and the AIM-1s will be mounted on the Cobra turret and Huey crew served guns. They are so great that I wish I could find the 3 that are missing...another investigation? Oh well, I won’t be the only one, and what can they do to me, send me to Saudi?
We moved today to our tents, no floors, no bug nets on the side, no white liner to keep it cooler, because the terminal is maxed out for work space. I hear ya groundpounders, “oh, you had a tent. Luxury!” Flight equipment still has a room, we must be somebody. So still have Air conditioning in the work space. Lots of the shops are not so lucky. So far there’s about 100 helos here. Feel better. All kinds, all services, and probably more on the way. Kuwaiti Gazelles still adorn the front parking lot, still pointed south, no sign of the aircrew. So we’re an intimate little bunch. Tent mates are Diamond, Super Dave, PeeWee, BlueBalls, Larson, Maas, McGee, Ducky , Dirt, and Road Kill. No one sees this as being long term enough to replace the Oki Det. Should have electricity in 2 days. Using my poncho as carpet, plus some scrap wood. Looking forward to spreading out my stuff and not living out of a pack and kit bag, plus be in one place for a while. Oh, and I have my own cot to sleep in, don’t have to share it with anyone. Yeaaaa. With mosquito netting. The necessary rooms are set across the camp’s perimeter road, and consist of a pipe driven into the ground for going # 1, and a screened in wooden outhouse over 1/2 of a 55 gallon drum for other business. Kind of a quaint way to meet your new neighbors as they sashay by towards their hooches. Don’t worry, the docs get to do the fun stuff like keep tabs on sanitation and order the “shitter burns”. Where do you sign up to get that duty?

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