15 October 2005

Gunfighter DIary Desert Shield 30 Sep 90

30 SEP 90

160171, 5T2, 1.2, 601, Bean

Flew my NATOPS check with Bean. Did ok considering I haven’t flown for 12 days. Left my crew chief standing in the desert because I forgot to ask if they were “all set” in the back. It’s a good trick to play on a guy getting a check ride, learned a lesson. I expected them to tell me if they were getting out while we’re in an LZ. Anyway, we goofed around for an hour and that was it. Next it was to the rack for some MORP, kind of tired from sitting around doing NOTHING!.. No movie worth watching tonight. Had something resembling a steak and cheese sub from the Pizza Sheikh, not too bad all things considered. So of course the chow hall has a decent meal also, steak-kind-of. I went for atmosphere only.
Marine band is supposed to be coming over. Haven’t seen them yet, maybe they’re wearing our desert cammies.

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