14 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 30 Aug 90

30 Aug 90

160176, 5T2, Armed Reconnaissance, 3.6, 270, Peewee

Thursday was boring, other than almost killing someone. Flew some idiot Colonel around all day, was part of the reason I’ve been in a foul mood since then. First the guy comes in in under the rotor arc without the crew chief’s permission, because he’s boresighted on how far up the General’s ass he can stick his nose. Then he gets mad at the crew chief because he can’t sit by the door in the crew chief‘s seat. “Why can’t I sit there, the General gets to sit on a jump seat?” First, the crew chief has a few other things to do, like make sure we don’t hit anything , watch the pax, and oh, yeah, man his weapon. Absolute worst, biggest asshole I’ve ever flown. When we came into JNA, we landed up close to the terminal and needed to shut down quick to avoid filling the place with sand and blowing everyone's gear around. The General understood the logical need to stay in the helo for a few more seconds, but not this goober. Closest I’ve ever seen someone come to having their head cut off by a rotor blade. We shut down, and as the rotor blade was slowing down, this geek starts to leave the helo. The crew chief caught one guy, and I yelled “stop” at the brilliant one. He ducked and turned around just as the blade drooped over his head, I swear that if he hadn’t, he would have been hit. Spot talked to them and we had no problems with them the rest of the day. His whole attitude was scary, though. Then to top it off, no mail.

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