15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 28 Sep 90

28 SEP 90

Let’s see, who did I bother today. Sat around most of the day and wrote Aunt Mary, Aunt Martha, Susan, Kati and my parents. No fair, I had to write to lots of folks. The price I pay for getting mail. Got kicked out of flight equipment so they could film some more. The video was shot in my shop, at my desk (on loan from the Saudis).
Wrote some info on laser safety to post by the checkout counter, it’s fun using big laser words. We had classes all morning and one of the MAWTS guys came to me to get laser info. Hmmmm. Our glasses will protect against the low-tech threat, so unless Iraq has something we don’t know about, we’re good. Cool words like Neodymium Yitrium Aluminized Garnet. We’re developing lasers that use liquid dyes and are “agile”, meaning you can dial in any wavelength (color) that you want. Cool, until you try to protect against it. I’ll probably brief everyone again on our lasers and their usage, plus we’ll have a nice class on everyone’s favorite, the gas mask. We’ve received nothing but compliments so far on how good a job my guys have done on the masks from the MALS guys that check them. Plus they’re happy that we had the inflatable gear looked at before we came over (Sgt Lee’s idea). I’m proud of the fact that we’ve asked no one for help yet and have had all kinds of people coming to us for assistance, including the AV-8 guys, East coast HMLAs, Saudi Navy and yes, even the mighty 82nd Airborne helo drivers. They’ve been the most appreciative, we’ve rebuilt entire helmets for them, patched flight suits, plus numerous other things. GPS receivers are on loan to the AV-8s, HMLA-269 and the FACs at 1/5. Made some 50 pound weight bags for the Saudis, and who knows what else they’ve been making.
Missed evening chow because Irish wanted a significant events list for a unit history/awards/etc...? Just turned in the same list that we had to turn in to ops 2 weeks ago.

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