15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 27 Sep 90

27 SEP 90

Got up early, went to work at 0615, then went to chow with Injun, brownie points because Irish showed up. Asked Buzz if he was serious about me being grounded. He said “you don’t expect to fly when you have more hours than anyone else do you?“, I’m thinking “yes” but say “must have been a hard decision seeing as we only have one up Huey. I guess my NATOPS check will expire, too.“ He said we’ll waive that. Told Irish “things would be different if we had some bogus VIP missions to fly” and surprise, he agreed. We had an AOM, pilot training, some good stuff. Spot’s comments were supportive, said “don’t push anything we’re uncomfortable with.”, not much else. Irish got us together for a decent pep talk, since he’s been gone to the FAARP for 10 days. He said to let him take the heat from the CO, then he can come and jump in our shit vs. Spot. Also to keep our guys motivated, even if we have to lie to them and tell them “we like it here.“ He was funny. “I personally hate it here. The place sucks, the chow sucks, mail sucks, I can’t see my wife, no fun, no beer, etc....but we have a mission to do.“ I agree, 100 percent. Much better than the “all you guys pull your head out of your asses speech.“
More filming in the flight equipment office for the wive’s video. Terrible chow again. Now I’m sweating away in tent #4. Trying out new “boxwood” desk, and so far it’s still too hot. It must be about 85 degrees with 85 percent humidity right now. Guilt free letter writing in the tent may have to wait til it cools off. Little blue pills seem to be curing the diarrhea, though, by turning it into gas. A real treat.

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