14 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 27 Aug 90

213 has the new team colors now.

27 AUG 90
Not on the schedule so I made the early maintenance meeting, then kind of vegged out for the rest of the day. Wrote a letter. No mail for anyone today. Ate again. Rested. Read part of a book. Tried to make a desert safari hat, out of some desert cammie material, didn’t come out too well, but got a few laughs. Trying to stay out of my guy’s hair. They are busy, swinging some deals with the Army and the other squadrons. There are more squadrons here now. Tents are coming in, actually we have tents, but no cots. As soon as we get cots we’ll be in tent city. Hopefully we brought enough cammie netting to cover them, as it will keep them 15-20 degrees cooler. Cots may be 3 days, 3 weeks, depending on priorities. I hope the dust isn’t too bad, and we are told there will only be 12 men per tent, not the 20 it is designed for. We are assigned to combat crews, mine is Peewee, Super Dave and Diamond. There has been talk of billeting us all together, since we brief and fly together. How many people think that this is a bad idea? Raise your hand. Gee, these guys get to spend 24 hours a day with me, what were they thinking. Well, there will be 8 other people in there also. I hope we can shower individually.
My brain is mush right now. Going to eat another Chicken a la king. At least it has M&Ms with it. Injun still lives next door to me, hopefully he and Mooch will be in the same tent. Hey, we have 12 company grade Huey guys, hmmm, plus Spot. He is always claiming to be a Lieutenant......Colonel, to try and stay in the good graces of the Company Grade Protection Association (CPA). Rumor control says HMLA-367 will be here tomorrow, there goes the neighborhood.

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