15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 25 Sep 90

2Beers stylin in new desert cammies.

25 SEP 90

What I did today. Hmmm, can’t remember. Wait, “today’ was yesterday, I’m a day behind. Yes, that’s right, it’s 2300 26 SEP and I’m trying to remember what went on yesterday. Got up, went by the chow hall, grabbed a milk and an apple. I’ve had the runs for a day now. I don’t know if it’s called the runs because it runs out or because you have to run to the bathroom.
Oh, that’s right, the Commandant came by today, so we straightened up most of the morning, I checked all of my little projects, and polished my boots. Had a pizza for lunch from the snack stand. It didn’t suck, but I won’t be rushing over to buy one tomorrow. Talked to Injun for a bit, then CMC arrived. He tooled around for an hour or so, I guess. He looked at our Huey, with the FLIR pod modification. We’re trying to get more FLIRs for “night fightin.” He walked by later and said “how ya doin” to a group of us, then choppered away. We still have one Huey to fly, so Buzz was brave enough to come by and tell me I was grounded because I had too many flight hours. I laughed and shook my head. Went to dinner, had bread, butter, pepsi, apple juice, salt (flavored with soup) and one bite of tuna. More than enough. Then I went and watched a movie at the “Desert Drive-In,” The Abyss. It was quite relaxing. Sat on a cot, it was relatively cool, and for a brief moment I forgot I was in Saudi....problem was, I thought I was at 29 Palms instead.
We are making another video. We do a section on our Top Ten Favorite Pastimes and have a uniform fashion show. Went to see the Doc, now I’m med down for dysentery. Fun. Got a desert cammie floppy hat in the mail, my ears are thankful. No desert cammies yet, though. Big Al said he would take care of it though. Actually they are heavier and warmer than the old cammies, it’s going to take a few washings to break them in. 2 Beers isn’t too thrilled with them. He was in a few days ago and my guys patched some boots for him. He’s doing fine and not getting tasked with all the BS that he would as a FAC back in the States. He also enjoys being one of a few Captains in the Battalion and being treated like a God.

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