14 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 25 Aug 90

Modeling gas mask during a drill

25 AUG 90

160179, 2M1, 1.6, 1.1 night, 140, Peewee

Sat around all day, then flew a VIP to Bahrain. We spent the night and I got to make a phone call. Spot told us to take some laundry, as we might get a chance to wash some clothes. We landed , secured our birds, and a full bird Colonel drove us around to get our chow and find billeting. The Billeting O said to get our rooms first since they were at a premium. We had to “slum it” in the enlisted barracks and sleep on 5 inch foam mattresses! Dropped of our gear and headed to the chow hall. We wandered in with our laundry bags, must have looked like either the Gunfighters of old or orphan waifs as it seemed the whole dinner crowd stopped to stare at us. I guess the gas masks and pistols were confusing them, too. The late meal here is late, around 2000. You walk through cafeteria style, but the meal was served on new, heavy china with polished, sturdy silverware. We got hot potato soup, a salad, cauliflower, french fries, chicken, oranges and a cold Pepsi. The guys serving wore black slacks, white shirts and black bow ties. The tables were covered with white linen, and they also had crushed ice. Ah, the life of a jet jock. Not to mention the air conditioned tents on freshly poured concrete slabs, for those who didn’t rate the air conditioned barracks.
Anyway, after dinner we walked to the concession stand and I bought a case of Bahraini Cokes, a Pepsi and a cold Milky Way for $7.00. Not too bad. Went back to my room to discover that the other unit that had Marines in the rooms had moved out, and they had mistakenly taken my kit bag (with shaving gear and wallet). Got a ride to the unit that had moved out, found my bag and decided to arrange fuel for the Hueys while I was there, instead of waiting til the morning. I found the MAG-70 Headquarters and asked about gas. This request seemed to be insurmountable until I told them we were flying General Moore out in the morning. After that a LtCol let me borrow the keys to his new Avis Toyota so I could go get the keys to unlock our birds (the Hueys are secured by attaching a metal rod or cable to the cargo door and locking it to the front doors. The birds needed to be opened to fuel the auxiliary fuel bladders that are carried inside the aircraft, and to verify the main tank level after fueling). Got the keys, got the birds fueled, then locked them up and went to get some sleep.

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