15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 24 Sep 90

24 SEP 90

Got up at 0600, went back to sleep. Repeated same until 1230. I was blah today, stomach not great, no Hueys to test fly, I’m not on the schedule, no meetings, no major fires to stomp out that couldn’t burn til the afternoon. Finally got up and helped Pat and Russ tie our tent to frame. Worked on my corner a bit, ate chocolate chip cookies, fritos, brushed boots, gathered boxes to make a book shelf, and tried to plan my storage cubicle. I’ll need more lumber/time/plans. Here’s how the tent is set up. We have all the sides, end flaps propped up to let breeze through and provide shade. The sides are connected to the next tent’s flaps, so it’s like a dog run/porch area. We have wood and pallets on both ends to form an actual porch. No lights yet. Tent mates are Dinger, Meynier, Maas, Road Kill, Dirt, Ducky, Blubaugh, McGee, Larson, Diamond, Super Davee.
It’s great. I get the morning sun, cooler, and winds are generally from the North/NW, so everyone else’s rack gets dusted before mine. Plus a road goes by the other end (more dust). My corner includes lots of nails to hang things on, some shelves made from busted pallets, and a small desk made from an MRE box. The gear stored under the cot is parachute bags, one with uniforms, one with MREs, maps, NBC gear, and an ALICE pack with 782 gear and flak jacket. Luckily the cot has a mosquito net, too. Lots of guys are using MRE cartons to store their stuff . My “boxwood” furniture will replace parachute bags, but only if I can design them to be dust resistant. My little world could use a small camping light, because there will only be two light bulbs in the tent, if we get wired up soon. It will be fun to tear all of this down.
Sgt Lee showed me a nice poem his mom had written. Her local paper published it. We liked it and want to put it in our cruise book. Need some film. We know we need lots of photos and involvement from every rank. The boat cruise book mainly had officer pictures because they were the ones who took pix and weren’t in the bars. Could use a bar right now. Get some shop photos, nicknames, quotes from famous Gunfighter’s like Spot’s “you can’t go down swingin with the bat jammed up your ass”, and “You can’t go on liberty if you’re dead”. Make the bios funny vs sterile. Wonder if we can do it?
Digress. No clue as to what an ottoman is, a German guy from Jamaica? Philosophers are idiots on acid. They made me dream up an imaginary squirrel friend while studying them in college.
Told Spot I was interested in going to HMX-1 and he asked “why would you want to go there, they don’t do anything tactical?” Well, can’t get them to send me to WTI, and Bean said he would’ve replied “hey, we’ve been in Saudi for five weeks and all we’ve done is TACVIP.” At least FE was “Shop of the Week” in our Squadron newsletter.

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