25 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 24 Oct 90

24 OCT 90

No flying, spent al day watching the shop. Tried to do as little as possible, but still a few projects that I'm interested in. Got the flight equipment log books from CamPen finally, but still no Equipment Custody Receipts. Maybe Chuck has them, they are the cards that list all the DS90 gear that was checked out. Chuck is also supposed to bring another VCR, the first one got sent to the FAARP.
Rotating groups of 15-20 to the phones again . If someone hasn't been able to call home by now, it's their fault. Another nearby R&R spot may open up soon, on 1 Nov. Not sure how many will get to go, but it will have phones. Only the night crew has slept in air conditioning for the last month, and now no one does from our squadron. It's cooler now, but not by much. I desperately need Morgan Fairchild's address.

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