14 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 24 Aug 90

Space and Road Kill carry Curly to his new digs in the warehouse.

24 AUG 90
Today was long. I was on standby for aircraft recovery, should an aircraft have a a maintenance problem somewhere. But there were no flights tonight, so I made the 0615 maintenance meeting, then washed my t-shirts, skivvies, socks and flightsuits in the deep sink. Took them outside and laid them on a wooden ramp to dry. Ate chicken a la king for breakfast around 0900, while the laundry was drying. I’m eating about 2 MREs a day, and have a stack growing by my “rack”. They provided us early on with almost unlimited bottled water, and the water at JNA is authorized to drink, and really tastes fine. Maybe it’s my perspective, but I swear it’s better than SoCal water. Spent the rest of the day bugging the guys in my shop and rearranging my gear. They shuffle us around a little every day as more people arrive. The enlisted Marines and Lieutenants are living in an warehouse now, while the SNCOs and Captains and up are still in the air conditioning. I’m sure this will change soon, I won’t mind the heat, I’m just not looking forward to the sand and dirt that will get into a tent. Maybe the Marine Corps, in their infinite wisdom, won’t bring enough tents. Oh well, it’s kind of rustic in some ways.
We’re slowly getting more space from the Saudis. Initially they said everything must stay in place, now as more forces arrive they’ve given up. The 3rd day we were here Nasty (XO) said we could have a room in the terminal for the Flight Equipment Marines if I could figure out how to get into it (it was locked). Easy, just go into the room next to it and crawl through the ceiling. XO was impressed, it’s those little things in life. The room had some chairs and desks that we spread out through the terminal, and bookcases that my Marines turned into equipment shelves. The bookcases made nice flight helmet racks. My Marines have organized a pretty neat little corner to store helmets, night vision goggles, body armor, survival vests, hand held lasers, GPS receivers, extra flight clothing, and aviation NBC gear. The Cobras are already having some problems with sand getting into their turrets, so for now we are covering them with waterproof bags from Marine Corps Property. Not much of a fix, but a fix for now.
Supposedly Spot and Dutch were interviewed for the Today Show this morning. They were interviewed for a live tv show by Bryant Gumbel, Pogo was there also but not interviewed. Pogo got a chance to call his wife and told her it was boring over here, hopefully it stays that way. It was good that he got to talk to her. I think I’ll be able to get to a phone in the next couple of weeks, with all the heavies we haul around.
There are lots of of camels out here, also goats and sheep. We see them everywhere when we fly. Surprise, some of our aircraft are desert tan now. Airframes has been busy painting our birds, initially completely tan, now just painting over the green portions of the green/gray/black woodland camouflage. Maybe they’ll paint us next, we look pretty silly out here in woodland cammies and green flight suits.

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