15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 22 Sep 90

22 SEP 90

No mail today, this will be short, plus I’m tired. Bus never showed up to take us to the Brit camp so we’ll try again tomorrow. As much as I hated to do it, I volunteered to not go if there were other officers who haven’t called home yet. Only the enlisted, Staff NCOs and Maintenance Officers have gone so far. XO said to go, so I’ll go.
Coming up on 11 years in the Marine Corps 29 September. It really is too bad I can’t drive down to MCRD on Saturday and watch a busload of recruits come in. I wonder if they have loosened up on the D.Is because of S.A.? Maybe I’ll find out next year when I’m in 303. I wonder if they’ll venture any guesses on transfers for when we return. I’d feel better knowing “yes” I’m going to 303 as soon as we get back. I know there’s too many variables. I’m sure the guys in 303 are dying to replace us.
Kati and mom sent packages. Kati sent dried fruit, a letter and two books (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance? and one about Merlin). Mom sent good stuff, bean dip and Fritos, essential to the war effort, mints, newspaper clippings, crackers, etc...and a card. I really appreciate everyone’s effort, but how do I tell them I don’t eat fried fruit, oops, I mean dried. I’ll give it out to those who like it or try to develop a liking for it. It would be good for me. So I’ll try it. Came full circle on that one. Hey, my nose has stopped running, and I haven’t been real sick like a lot of other people, knock on wood. Tomorrow should be better.
Missed the bus this morning, actually it missed us. Wrote Chuck to ask him to look for my inventory and custody receipts, when he goes back to work. Went and helped build our tent frame. It’s nice plywood floor on 2 by 4s and a roof. Then we just put the liner and tent over the top of the frame. We found a few liners, which are white on the top with netting on the side. They help keep the tent cooler and keep bugs out. We’ll have to tear them down if we can’t find enough for everyone in the squadron. Wait, there’s a PFC in Dharhan who doesn’t have his own cot, so give him yours. Sorry, but I’m tired of giving all of our stuff away. Sweated my butt off, tore a hole in my cammies, ate rice and peaches for dinner, now it’s letter time. I’ll patch the cammies and try to scrounge some desert ones. Hey, maybe someone can ask the CG why I can’t have any? When he says because I’m a pilot, ask him why I’m wearing a dark green flight suit in the desert? Better yet, call George and Congress. Tell them thanks for the Imminent Danger Pay, but what I’d really like are some theater-specific- desert-mutant-ninja-warrior clothing ensembles.
Well, time to go deliver mail to my tent away from home. Phone calls tomorrow? We got 1 Huey up and running, waiting for more blades and/or a repair team. Refigured my hours, I only have 455.1 this year. Finished my NATOPS open book test and rewrote the closed book , so I’m sure I scored 100 percent on that.

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