14 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 22 Aug 90

Egg Fu, how do you stay so sparkly clean? "Why, I shower daily at the WC, thanks for asking!"

22 AUG 90

160438, 2Q5, 3.8, 140 Jughead

Haven’t written every day, as there is not enough to write about.. Got mail today. We were backup bird on a frag to fly a General, so I got tasked to see if there was any mail. There was the first 2 days worth, for those who got the address out. Anyway, after a few hours of roaming around the Brigade Headquarters, we came away with a few hundred letters. I got four letters from family!
Things are the same here, who knows, we may have been seen on TV by now. Some Army guy shot a video of me and Jeff today, but I don’t even know what for. I’ve flown for about 15 hours since I’ve been here, it’ll be a banner year for me. Still sleeping on the floor, waiting for our tents/cots to arrive, but then we’ll have to move out into the heat. Injun is sleeping next door, with Dutch and Pogo on the other side. Everyone is busy to one extent or the other and morale is good.
I don’t know how to describe how we shower. The Saudis have short hoses with spray nozzles installed in the "Water Closet", by the toilets, to spray off their butt. TP is a Western tradition that is still growing in popularity. Left hand full of rocks works here. Hence the etiquette lesson we received to never get your left hand near the communal dinner pot of goat parts or wave at anyone with it. Luckily, since the facilities are new, we can use these spray guns for showers (there are drains in the floor). But soon the shower units will arrive too, and we wont get to shower in the shitter anymore. Alas, all good things must come to an end.
Speaking of good things, I got 100 stamps today. Hoping to use some, we’ll see. I’m sleeping well and eating about 2 MREs a day. I’m sure I’ll lose weight. We may soon have a civilian contract for laundry, I hope so. The forces over here continue to grow, which is good for us if we’re going to be here. Got a note from Mark B. asking if he was “still invited for dinner”, but haven’t seen him yet.

Jughead and Clark

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