15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 21 Sep 90

21 SEP 90

Got two packages, one from Kati and one from mom. Tomorrow we’re going to “fill sandbags” and I’ll answer some letters. We have a local oil camp (British?) that was deserted when the Iraquis invaded and they will let us come use their facilities (pool, snack bar, small px, phones, etc...) in return for us saving their butts. We’ll try not to mess it up, and of course we are trying to keep it a 369 secret (Ha!). The wives will figure it out from the increased phone calls.
Running low on M&Ms and letter writing gear., they seem to have come in handy. It’s only a matter of time before the chocolate chips are gone, along with the sweettarts and Junior mints. I have a serious problem; I’m afraid to throw away any underwear, because as soon as I do the laundry will lose everything. I usually only put in a few things at a time, I know how the laundry can be from my shipboard days. I’m also hoarding MRE’s, I have about a dozen, and when we get our new “house”, I’ll draw my lunch every day and stack it somewhere, munch on the good parts and toss the rest. Maybe if I stack up enough I can build a bunker.
Newspapers arriving by snail mail are too old when they get here, and don‘t get read. We get the Arab News and Stars and Stripes. I do need a real shaving mirror, about 2-3 inches in diameter with a hook. This will add to the rustic flavor of the morning shave. We shave using a wooden trough, about waist high, that has water dripping from a PVC pipe overhead, and it has nails to hang a mirror. The nail of course is placed strategically at forehead level to poke your eye out when you lean forward to rinse your toothbrush.
I know the shorts, walkman and tapes will come in handy when relaxing each evening in my “condo made of wood-o”. Did we mention that we call King Abdul Aziz airport Paula Abdul Aziz? But don’t tell anyone, could be dangerous to the war effort. Had a great nights sleep on my air mattress, with a pillow. I’m all set now, may never want to go home. Where am I going to pack all of this crap? Not like Okinawa where you just give it to the next guy. Guess whenever I know we’re leaving I’ll mail cool stuff home and leave the rest. Going to build a cubby hole to store my stuff.
Got a video the families, it was great. The folks back home did a good job coordinating it and everyone had enough time to comment. Didn’t get dizzy watching it. We’ve shown it 6 times so far. Everyone laughed at the doggies high five trick. I thought they were extremely smart, cute and well groomed, unlike everyone’s kids. Right. All the families looked great, the messages were greatly appreciated.
Spent more time working on Sgt Lees’ award recommendation and watching the videotape. We have a few Huey blades inbound so there’s hope for my NATOPS check and 500 hours. I’m going “sandbaggin” tomorrow, though. We have our prototype turret covers and inlet screen covers made, now we just have to punch out 18 more. Then on to greater things. Good shrimp creole and rice for dinner. We had chicken and mashed potatoes last night, the best meal we’ve had so far, it was good! I usually walk by the chow tent in the morning and grab a milk and a piece of fruit for breakfast. Things are going good for now, who knows for tomorrow?

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