25 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 21 Oct 90

21 OCT 90

Today was our picnic, turned into a day off, kind of. The picnic was cancelled because it was "too hot?" But it hasn't been too hot to have been working on and flying helicopters for the last 2 months? OK, I figured maybe the guys weren't that interested in mandatory fun anyway. Then Spot decides to have a formation at 1200 for all the enlisted Marines. Boy are they pissed. They have to get up, shave, etc and walk down to the terminal for a pep talk.
I slept til 1000, wrote a letter, ate some CJs (Cracker Jacks), looked at the clouds....yes, clouds. We had some cumulus clouds roll through today. Highlight of the day so far. Set up my mosquito net and "slepted" (sleep/sweat) until 1430. Went to terminal to shave, pick up laundry, write a letter and buy a Pepsi. Several Os were there, wandering aimlessly. Went to chow, stew over noodles, Pepsi and a new treat, ICE CREAM. Tasted like cold pudding, but hey, who's complaining?
Been taking pictures, working on capturing the perfect "Gunfighter into the Sunset" photo. Hope to get a good one for the cruise book or to send in to Navy photo contest. I've got a few from the past, they don't have to be from this year.

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