18 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 20 Oct 90

Looking at 3 million gallons of fuel...

20 OCT 90

Busy at work today, no flying. Tomorrow is supposed to be a day off for the Marines, with burgers, sodas, volleyball etc...Talked to Nemo about pros/cons of going to 303 or HMX after we get back. Haven't seen any HMX guys over here. I did see were they crashed one of the Presidential helos in Illinois, the first that's been crashed. Everyone's OK, no VIPs on board. They were doing a rehearsal and some snow fence may have been blown into the tail rotor. What a great year Marine Corps aviation is having!
Got a letter from my mom, said they had a good time in Vegas at Ernest's softball tournament. Can't believe the guys pick the desert to run around in and play softball. It's so cool there this time of year. She's been having a hard time with me being here. She heard about the Hueys from the ship and it made her cry. I had mentioned to Injun that I was worried that she had only written twice and was hoping that she wasn't too worried about me. One thing I hadn't considered is that she works at the Times-Herald, so all she hears and sees all day is the media hype and bad news.
Projects continue. Spot came by today and asked "How are we doing on the LASER pointers?" I told him we were missing two. He asks "How come it took me 60 days to find this out?" I don't know, selective memory. Irish and Nasty remember being told the first week we were here. Then the best line, he says "Well, I hope you have $2000 dollars." He walked off before I could point out that 2 of them would actually be $4000 dollars. I cooled of for 30 minutes, then went to see Irish. He had predicted this conversation 2 days ago, said just to give him the info on the custody cards and inventory sheets. It will be fun to keep track of all this stuff in the coming months, when the rockets are flying and helos are going to every corner of the theater. Don't worry, be happy.

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