18 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 19 Oct 90

The shop is really starting to come together...Megaughey and Chames practice the Gunfighter handshake.

19 OCT 90

Rawheid came by and brought me an AAFES catalog. What a great guy, there's lingerie models in there! How did this make it in country. I'll have to start a waiting list for guys who want to order stuff for Christmas. Wonder if they understand they'll only get the lingerie, not the model? Made me think of the lingerie auctions at the 29 Palms O Club, where guys were buying things that would never fit their wives. Once again, I missed the whole point of the exercise, but it was entertaining. And a politically correct step away from the strippers.
Good news, found the two sets of wayward NVGs. $40,000 dollars of good news. They're in Florida. Yup, Florida. Finally got to call VX-5, they gave me Sonny's number in Florida, out at Eglin for some project. He says, "Yea, I got 'em, you guys left town too fast for me to get them back." Evidently we confused out MAWTS-1 augment guys goggle with the ones we lent to VX-5, they had the same numbers, just scrambled around. I told him to hold on to them, no telling where they'd end up if tried to get them too us. Boy was that a relief. Nasty also says I can use the car to drive to Dhahran to scope out the area where we were the first day to look for the LASER pointer and AR-5 that are missing. I figure they're in one of 3 places 1) back in CamPen 2) 169 pilots who checked in then checked back out before we left have them or 3)rattling around in the bottom of someone's parachute bag. I appreciate Nasty's attitude because it was "well, they're probably gone, but it won't hurt to look for them" vs "where are they?" Irish has been helpful too. I asked him about my dilemma with the Flight Equipment "Gift Shop", we're giving out a lot of gear I figure we'll never see again. Flight suit, helmets, GPS receivers, LASER pointers, PVS-5s. He said to just keep him up to speed, and we'll consolidate the account and get Spot to authorize dropping the gear later, if we don't get it back. Out here, some of the gear is consumable, like the flight suits. They'll get worn out and surveyed anyway. It'll be a balancing act between keeping some spares on hand while supporting the folks we can with what we have. Best course of action is to just let the FE boys do their swap and trade magic, it reminds me of the old war movies where the gear show up, the Officer asks "where did we get that" and the Sgt says "you don't want to know, sir."
Called on amen to check on the new Cobra helmet. The old helmets are the old style helo helmet, Vietnam era. Outer shell with inner retention/ suspension strap design, with the addition of amount for the Helmet Sight System (HSS). Very heavy and required FE to remove and insert spacer cushions to fit each pilot. The HSS helmet is considered part of the aircraft inventory, so we only rate one per seat. One of the FE shop's coups at CamPen was scrounging enough "spare" parts to make sure each Cobra pilot had their own helmet, so they could get the best fit for each pilot and leave it alone. The new helmet is similar to the fixed wing helmet, light weight, custom fit. It will be out soon and is supposed to be personal issue. If not, maybe we can buy some ourselves.
No mail. Cooling off enough in the evening to get in the sleeping bag. No rotation message yet, to send us home. Wonder what the hold up is. Maybe Mooch can type up a fake one? He did this during Westac 89 to mess with Mankid, a Captain who continually talked about how he was "getting out of the Suck" as soon as the float was over. The typed up a message from HQMC that notified Mankid that his commitment was extended "indefinitely" due to the building crisis in Panama. They put a date time stamp on it, copied it a few times to make a really poor copy, ad posted it on the message board. We were snickering in the back of the ready room as he read it. He was standing at first, then slumped into a chair. After a few minutes, he took of looking for the CO. Checked the wardroom first, then found him in his stateroom. CO was confused, "I don't know anything about this..." Someone decided it was time to clue Mankid in. Didn't hear anything else about him getting out, but he did promise to get even someday.
Heard Steve Martin visited the REMFs, never made it out to us. Also heard that he has the runs now. Welcome to the sandbox Steve. Enjoy your salad!

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