14 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 19 Aug 90

More Gunfighters continue to arrive at Jubail Naval Air Facility (JNA). Looks like our 2nd wave of 6 aircraft, to join the original 4 Hueys and 2 Cobras. Local Saudi pilots are headed to the mosque. If you look real close you can see our woodland camouflage helos on the ramp. Notice how the helos are "slashed", like we are on the boat, because we were tight on ramp space. Army was there with Apaches, AHIPs and Blackhawks, plus the Saudis needed half the ramp for their 2 Super Pumas. The Kuwaiti Gazelles have been moved to the parking lot in front of the terminal.

19 AUG90

UH-1N 160179, 2M4, 1.8 hours, 140 with Diamond

Flew with Diamond out to King _____? Military City, hauling some jarheads around. Looks like a small city for military units. We ended up breaking down for a fuel leak and spent the night. I got hosted by a Marine A-6 guy, who is there as a liaison. The place where they are billeted was like a hotel, had a tub and everything. Got to go to dinner, luckily, no goat parts were piled on a mat in the middle of the floor. Then again, some of the chow was unidentifiable. Slept on a couch!

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