15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 18 Sep 90

18 SEP 90

160179, 5T2, 2.5, 270, Peewee

Had a wonderful meal at the chow hall, tuna, yum. Got mail late last night. Trying to get a handle on all the special projects, that require a bunch of material that we don’t have. Maybe I’ll get sent back to the States to look for it. Definitely need some pink flamingos for the tent.
Now the Hueys are down, 3 of 5, for blade erosion. It’s real hard to get new blades, so we may have some time on our hands. Actually, 367 will pick up the slack, the Marine Corps will decide they can live without us and we’ll go home. Got to go start that rumor.

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