15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 17 Sep 90

17 SEP 90

Ate breakfast, took a nap, ate lunch, read book, ate dinner, wrote letter, read Newsweek, drank Pepsi. Some guys are actually getting out to use the phone. The CO and XO set up sneaking guys out to get a burger, go swimming and call home at an empty oil worker camp nearby. Maybe I’ll be able to go soon, but not worried about it until everyone else has had an opportunity to go, seeing as I’ve already been able to call home. Should be able to get out in 10-14 days. Totally boring day. Wind blew hard, it was dusty. Spam for breakfast, mmmmm. Got a pair of goggles today, and also some cool sunglasses with laser protection. They look like cheap Oakleys, but I’m sure Uncle Sam paid a lot for them. Even have s strap to hang them around your neck. Still have some cash, trying to find an Arab watch with the funny numerals on it. Someone splurges each day and buys a round of Pepsis, costs about 3 dollars. The last 3 days at chow, we’ve had cold Pepsis and Cokes with our meal, 1 per man. Almost felt human. I won’t feel human again until I’m back in the land of the big PX and there’s a Taco Bell nearby. I hope someone reminds the brass real soon that we’re an expeditionary force. Hopefully the Army is real interested in getting over here soon and doing there job. We’re ready to do the “roll on” part of the “roll off, roll on” MPS concept. Newsweek complimented the Marines, saying we were much more prepared than the Army during these initial stages. Maybe because we’re more used to doing the impossible with nothing. The Army has to get going soon, though, or we’ll have no one to steal from. Egypt and France are sending more people, we’re ready now!

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