15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 16 Sep 90

16 SEP 90

Woke up, still here. Just me, my pistol and my gas mask. Today was another boring day. Got up at 0630 after going to “cot” at 0200, just wasn’t tired. It’s 2130 now so hopefully I’ll do better tonight. Sat around all morning working on my open book NATOPS exam, going to take the closed book in a day or two and try to get annual check ride by the end of September. Went to tent, took a 2 hour nap, came back, no one missed me, sat around some more. Rumor control says no mail for 2-3 days as Post Office is being moved. Guess I don’t need anymore, but envelopes would be good. I can’t believe that the government is giving us free postage, who would want to leave now. Now if they’d only reinstate our BAS. I bet when the congress folks come over here they don’t get their pay docked because they flew on government airplanes, ate at government mess halls, lodged in government facilities and wore desert cammies. We still don’t have any, while other units are drawing their 3rd set. I guess we will get them for the trip home. Wait, some extra larges came in today. Slow news day, this is the most exciting thing going on around here.
Some guys were taken somewhere today to make phone calls, they’re going to rotate us through as the opportunities present themselves. They also had burgers and ice cream. Still holding at 70.4 Saudi hours, 489 for the fiscal year. I want to break 500 this year, it’s gonna be close. Hard to believe I flew more in a non-deployed year than vice versa. Golly, if we stay here 90 days , we’ll get a Sea Service Deployment ribbon, plus I’ll have my overseas control date. We should leave here with some kind of Unit Commendation and Expeditionary Medal as it goes now. Plus I’m sure they’ll invent a new Desert Service ribbon just for me.
Still in tents on dirt. The Seabees are moving our way, putting in wood floors and tent frames, though. It will be a welcome change. And it seems to be cooling a bit. We had some Harrier guys in today and they were looking at our flight time list. They were astounded to see people flying 70 hours in 30 days. You just don’t get anywhere fast in the Huey.

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