16 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 16 Oct 90

16 Oct 90

Got up at 0500 to rinse engines, only took til 1030 to finish. Worked on more inventories, avoided field grade, then worked on awards. Turning LOA recommendations into CG CerComs per Irish's direction. He thinks they rate one, I've never written one so sounds good to me. Trying to get a call back to Chuck to see if any gear was left in the shop, like NVGs. I'd rather not cough up 15 grand per copy for the two pair that are still wandering around somewhere. We think we may have them checked out to VX-5 still, as I have 2 custody cards still, but one of my Marines telling me he "thinks" that a Major brought them back. Won't know until I get a serialized inventory from SSD and my ECR cards. Probably should have brought those.
Nearby 53 base thought they had incoming this evening, opened up with return fire. We launched 2 Hueys to check it out, 1 with a FLIR and put 4 Cobras on standby. Spot got a a nice bump on his head, got hit with a door while preflighting. I saw it happen and couldn't believe that he wasn't knocked out. Maybe he'll be more careful around Mooch now. Mooch claims to not hve done it on purpose. Hueys were gone scouting around for about 40 minutes, luckily didn't get shot at by our own guys. No bodies were found, maybe we'll know more in the morning. Nervous grunts maybe?
Our quick reaction team went out too, our inner defense if anyone wiggles through the Battalion protecting us. Mooch was in charge of organizing and training the guys, they dug foxholes and have teams set up to protect the airfield. They did this for the first week or so until the Bn showed up. That was one of my favorites, when the Bn showed up and asked "who's out in front of us?" No one.

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