15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 15 Sep 90

15 SEP 90

160179, 5T2, 3.3, 270, Peewee
160624, 2K2, .4, FCF

Today we flew 3.3 hours, had some more safety classes, and I also tested. I now have 70.4 hours since showing up here, 1275 total and 490 for this fiscal year. I think around 300 is average, I’ve almost doubled my hours in just one year. Our logbooks have been lost somewhere in SA, but they turned up today, thank goodness, intact. As far as hours go, I think we’ll level out at 35-40 per month. So I’ll have enough hours to go directly to HMX if we get screwed and stay here a year. 303 is still first choice, but maybe leaving the fleet as early as possible wouldn’t be a bad move either, esp. if I rate the bonus at that point. Fixed wing pukes still have all the phones. Wonder if the Iraqis know we’re here yet? We still have no phones. It’s total horseshit that our Marines can’t be afforded the opportunity to make a five minute call home to the loved on of their choice. The guys in Bahrain have unlimited access to phones. Letters are ok, but we have some guys who aren’t getting too many of those. Maybe no one’s thought of it yet. We can’t fly the whole squadron down there, but we ought to be able to cut a few guys loose each day on a “parts run”. Oh well, we’ll see.

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